At Phase 3 Clinical Staffing, our philosophy is to develop strong and long-term relationships with our candidates based upon a holistic understanding of their career goals and aspirations. This approach allows us to understand, advise, and empathize with our candidates in all matters related to their vocation. We develop these relationships using the following steps.


We take the time to listen to why you’re contemplating a change and then provide feedback and advice. Sometimes leaving your current position might not be the best solution. We want to make sure you’ve considered all your options and have taken a thoughtful approach in reaching your decision.


Next we walk through your career progression and learn about your competencies, accomplishments, motivations, and goals. We also discuss your “soft” skills, as these intangibles are equally important to the value you bring to prospective hiring companies. Lastly, we talk about the criteria that define your ideal position.


Together we will identify and target opportunities that best match your search parameters. This includes open positions from our active clients, and roles that are created specifically for you as a result of our proactive marketing of your candidacy to companies within the industry. As the process moves forward, we will prep you for interviews, provide timely feedback, assist in offer negotiations, and ensure a smooth transition to your new company.

Our commitment to this consultative and transparent process has resulted in consistent and repeat success between Phase 3 Clinical Staffing and the candidates we represent.