At Phase 3 Clinical Staffing, our goal is to be the very best supplemental resource possible for our clients. When hiring through your direct channels has been exhausted, or when extraordinary circumstances arise, we welcome the chance to collaborate with you to identify and hire the best candidates available. To that end, along with an intimate understanding of our clients’ values and needs, we place a premium on candidate development.

In-depth Sourcing. Relationship Building.

  • Along with traditional recruiting methods, Phase 3 Clinical Staffing utilizes a pro-active sourcing model specifically designed to identify passive candidates. We use the latest technology, in tandem with forward-thinking strategies, to gather market intelligence and learn about recent developments within the industry that provide untapped veins for new talent.
  • We cultivate and maintain long-term relationships with our existing candidate network, generating a consistent flow of referrals and ensuring that we know instantly when a candidate is considering a career move.

Comprehensive Screening. “Trust but Verify”

  • We expertly qualify each candidate through a proven and client-centric evaluation process. This includes a detailed understanding of their expertise, accomplishments, ambitions, and personality traits. Equal attention and importance is also paid to each candidate’s requirements and preferences for their next position, job search motivations, and readiness to move on to a new opportunity.
  • For complete confidence and assurance, we conduct thorough reference and background checks to verify experience, work history, education, and interpersonal skills.

This all-encompassing sourcing and qualification process ensures that our clients will be presented with the very best applicants. “A” level candidates who are considering new opportunities for the proper reasons and who are fully committed to the job search process.